Intangible Heritage

Almond Blossom Fest 2018 will be hosting artists from all around the world, which performances have been inscribed as expressions of intangible heritage from UNESCO.

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Shows, Evening performances, parades, concerts, Exhibitions, and much more! Do you want to know more about where and when?

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Local Traditions

Make a journey through the beauties of Sicily: taste the typical food, get to know ancients myths and legends, Music, Dances and incredible Sicilian Craftsmanship as you unfold the mysteries of this beautiful mediterranean island.

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Children of the World Fest

If you could see the world through the eyes of a child you would see a world full of wonder, Color, hope and fun.  here’s your chance to experience the International Music and Dance and discover what it’s like to stand with one foot in the present and the other foot ready to walk towards the future

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When Our Past Meets our Future

The European Union, which gives patronage to the Almond Blossom Fest 2018, is currently celebrating  The European Year of Cultural Heritage. The EU thinks of the 73rd Almond Blossom Fest as a part of its plan to highlight the importance of Cultural heritage and promote cultural events, discover our European roots and inspire future generations to build a new Europe.

Main purpose of The European Year of Cultural Heritage is to raise awareness on cultural heritage and to attract interest on the big part it plays in people’s lives, from a social and economic perspective. EU and the Almond blossom fest share a “motto” and set common goals: When Our Past Meets our Future.

Il festival internazionale del folklore


Blossom Village


World Music


Il Patrimonio Immateriale


Kids Lab


Chi Vuole Fiabe?


Un minuto per la Concordia


Dance Lab




Il festival internazionale del folklore


Almond Blossom Labs and Classes

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Sunday 11 March:  Final Performance

Sunday 11 March @ 3PM at the Temple of Concordia (Valley of the Temples)
Tickets are on sale at the Temple of Juno and Porta V Ticket offices.
€10.00 per Ticket Sales close at 12AM.
Free Entrance from 1PM from The Temple of Heracles
(Tour o the Valley of the Temple not included)

Lineup of Intangible heritage and Performers

Do you want to know more about Artists who will Perform in the Almond Blossom Fest? Take a peak!

The taste of culture

THE ROW material


The “mandorla”(Italian for almond) is maybe the most commonly used raw material in Agrigento. From their picking up to the way local people treat these exquisites nuts, almonds can be seen as a symbol of the local Peasant tradition and a delicious link to our past.


Traditional Food: Our Excellences

The Almond Blossom Fest is proud to present an Exhibition/Food Fair Hosted at the “Palacongressi” Conference Centre. The exhibition will focus on Sicilian traditional food: you will have the chance to get to know more about the production of Almonds, taste exquisite typical Sicilian Patisserie and learn more about our SlowFood networks.

Myths, Legends and Storytellers

Come discover our ancient troubadour tradition: when TV, Radio, and the Internet didn’t exist, people gathered on the streets and in the public squares to hear the enchanting verses and rhymes of a singing poet: the Storyteller.


Intangible Heritage: Food

Almond Blossom Fest 2018 promotes five typical dishes which have been listed as intangible Heritage:

Want to find out what they are? scroll down and keep exploring!
Intangible Heritage Festival

Conducted by

Syusy Blady

Syusy Blady is a Versatile Artist and comedian who will entertain both audience and patrons with witty and warm activities, sketches and monologues, highlighting the colourful peculiar aspects which make every country unique and special, bringing all people together in a fun and caring environment.

63rd International Folk Festival

Sat 10 Marzo

Evening performance
Festival Internazionale del Folklore

Sun March 11

Final Performance
Blossom Village Performance

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Collateral Events

Mandorlo in Fiore and more….

What’s up? More Shows, Exhibitions, Conventions and Events. Check them out!

  San Calogero Fest, Tammura di Girgenti (Traditional drums of San Calo) ,Tataratà Fest, Agrigento Folk groups , Sicilian Carts.  
  Mandorlara Event, Slow Food, Cooking show, Giufà Lab, Mandorla  Lab.  learn more
  Ciaramiddari, Musical bands, La scherma corta, A Maschira.  learn more
  Showings and exibitions, Concordia Half-Marathon, Adopt a group.  learn more



March 8,  2018

Palacongressi 8.30PM

A. Ruggiero e F. Buzzurro

March 4, 2018

Palacongressi 8.30PM

Eugenio Bennato

March 5, 2018

Palacongressi 8.30PM

Lino Patruno e i Four on Six

March 6, 2018

Palacongressi 8.30PM

Festival Bambini nel Mondo

March 3,4 2018

Palacongressi 8.30PM

Festival Patrimoni Imm.

March 9,10 2018

Palacongressi 8.30PM
How to move around in town:


In order to move around and get to the hot spots of the Almond Blossom Fest 2018 you can use the public bus transport.

How to get to Agrigento


Train is always the best option to get to Agrigento. During the Almond Blossom Fest Trenitalia will add special routes to the National railway service.

Click here to check out the train schedule for the Almond Blossom Fest! Special schedule transports for MANDORLO IN FIORE